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that will actual fly well.

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Exceed RC 6-Ch 2.4Ghz Transmitter w/ Receiver (Full Version) for RC Helicopters & Airplanes

We're all about foam/electric RC's

Welcome to RCfoamcrafters,

     You have come to this site because you are interested in RC foam aircraft.

     Look around and you will find just about everything needed to design, build and fly the airplane of your choice.
If you build from scratch, visit our gallery, pick a design, then use any of the tools on our site to make it a flying model.

Have fun....Wayne/RCfoamcrafters

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EAGLE WING EPO Electric Glider Kit 

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How much power do we need?

25 W/lb = minimum for level flight, with a reasonably clean plane.
50 W/lb = Trainer/Casual/scale flying
75 W/lb = Sport flying and sport aerobatics
100 W/lb = aggressive aerobatics and mild 3D, effortless loops from level flight.
150 W/lb = all out performance.
200 W/lb = Unlimited high-speed vertical flight.

Brushless Motor Chart

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How I got intersted in foam RC's and some of my experiences.

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Picture Gallery

A lot of pictires collected over the years. Find one you like and use our FW Calculator and/or chart make it a flyable aircraft. 

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